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Upcoming Events and Deadlines:

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Overarching News:

Last Call For Applications For Associate Editor of ACC.org E-Learning Activities
The ACC is accepting applications for the position of associate editor of e-learning activities on ACC.org. The new editor will guide and mentor the e-learning editorial team, and will lead the development of high quality, dynamic educational content. The editor’s term will begin Aug. 1, and will run for five years, with the possibility of re-appointment for an additional five years. The deadline for applications is July 15. Read more about the position and apply on ACC.org.

JACC Holds Impact Factor Ranking as #1 CV Journal in the World
For the second year in a row, the Journal of the American College of Cardiology (JACC) was listed as the #1 cardiovascular journal in the world. According to the 2014 Impact Factors for Journals, JACC holds the top position among all 123 cardiovascular journals in scientific impact with an impact factor of 16.503 in 2014, up from 15.343 in 2013. These 2014 Impact Factor results are based on citations from the 2013 calendar year, when Anthony DeMaria, MD, MACC, was JACC editor. The results also showed impact factor and ranking improvements for JACC: Cardiovascular Interventions and JACC: Cardiovascular Imaging. Among all other cardiovascular journals, the ACC publishes three of the top 10 in the world. Check out the JACC journals online.

Submit Recommendations for Vice President, President-Elect and Trustees
The ACC is accepting recommendations for the positions of Vice President, President-Elect and Trustees. The deadline to receive Officer and Trustee nominations is July 31. The Nominating Committee will meet this fall to consider all recommendations and will present a slate of nominations to the Board of Trustees for approval at the next annual business meeting in Chicago in April 2016. For details, please refer to www.acc.org/BOTnominations to find the Call for Nominations and Guide for Submitting Nominations. Don’t miss this opportunity to participate in the process to select the College’s future leaders.

2015 Legislative Conference Registration Now Open
Registration is open for the ACC’s 2015 Legislative Conference, which will take place Oct. 18-20 in Washington, DC. The conference will provide the inside scoop on regulatory changes, legislative action and the state of cardiology to empower ACC members to become effective advocates for patients and cardiovascular professionals. Don't miss this unique opportunity to hear directly from the experts who shape health policy, and meet directly with congressional leaders to share ways the cardiovascular community is providing quality, cost-effective, evidence-based care to millions of patients nationwide. You’re also invited to join your colleagues for a special ACC Political Action Committee-sponsored reception and dinner featuring Pulitzer Prize–winning syndicated columnist, political commentator and psychiatrist Charles Krauthammer, MD. Register now!

ACC’s Quality Improvement Efforts Make Headlines
A recent New York Times article titled “A Sea Change in Treating Heart Attacks” highlights the 38 percent decrease in coronary heart disease deaths from 2003 to 2013, a result “spurred by better control of cholesterol and blood pressure, reduced smoking rates, improved medical treatments — and faster care of people in the throes of a heart attack.” The article chronicles how the ACC’s Door to Balloon (D2B) initiative has helped more than 1,200 hospitals nationwide improve the timeliness of reperfusion therapy for patients with heart attacks by facilitating the adoption of evidence and guideline-based best practices. Thanks to the D2B initiative, “Now, nearly all hospitals treat at least half their patients in 61 minutes or less…” D2B is part of ACC’s suite of quality initiatives, designed to support local efforts with structured quality improvement projects to achieve specific goals. Building on the D2B initiative’s success, last year the ACC launched Surviving MI, a quality initiative to help hospitals reduce 30-day mortality rates for heart attack patients through organizational culture change and the creation of a hospital learning network. Learn more about D2B, Surviving MI and Hospital to Home, part of ACC’s Quality Improvement for Institutions, at CVQuality.ACC.org.

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Top Advocacy and Health Policy News:

CMS Releases Proposed 2016 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule and Hospital Outpatient Rules
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has released the proposed 2016 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule, which addresses Medicare payment and quality provisions for physicians in 2016. Under the proposal, physicians will see a 0.5 percent payment increase on Jan. 1, 2016. Next year will be the first of several years of predictable payments resulting from the legislation that permanently repealed the Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) this spring. CMS estimates that the physician rule will neither increase nor decrease payments to cardiologists from 2015 to 2016. This estimate is based on typical practice and can vary widely depending on the mix of services provided in a practice. The Physician Fee Schedule comes on the heels of the proposed 2016 Hospital Outpatient Rule released last week, which indicates a -0.1 percent payment update for hospitals. Shortly before the final rules are released, experts will discuss the proposed rules, ACC’s comments, and other relevant regulatory items during a panel at the ACC’s 2015 Legislative Conference, which will take place Oct. 18-20 in Washington, DC. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the hot button issues facing health care and ensure the voice of cardiology is heard on Capitol Hill. Read highlights from both rules on ACC.org.

ABIM Eliminates ‘Double Jeopardy’ MOC Requirement
In response to input provided by the ACC and other cardiology specialty societies around the American Board of Internal Medicine’s (ABIM’s) new requirements for Maintenance of Certification (MOC), the ABIM has announced it’s eliminating the requirement to maintain underlying certification in a foundational discipline in order to remain certified in a subspecialty. The ABIM Council unanimously passed the proposal to eliminate this “double jeopardy” provision, noting it was clearly an important topic to the internal medicine community. According to the ABIM, it will begin implementing the new requirement in the coming months, with the change to be fully effective as of Jan. 1, 2016. The change does not affect the requirement for initial certification. This announcement reflects the engagement and collaboration of ACC leaders, as well as the broader internal medicine community, on behalf of their members over the past year and a half. Eliminating the double jeopardy faced by interventional, electrophysiology, adult congenital heart disease and advanced heart failure colleagues who initially had to pass both the general cardiology and sub-subspecialty boards is among the several changes strongly recommended by the College and the broader internal medicine community.

CMS Adds Flexibility to ICD-10 Implementation
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has announced that it will allow flexibility in Medicare claims during the first year of ICD-10 transition by not denying claims based on the accuracy or specificity of the diagnosis code. The medical codes America uses for diagnosis and billing have not been updated in more than 35 years, and the implementation of ICD-10 should help advance public health research and emergency response through detection of disease. However, CMS and the American Medical Association (AMA) recognize that health care providers need assistance with the impending transition to ICD-10, and the organizations will be working in parallel to educate providers through webinars, on-site training, educational articles and national provider calls. The ICD-10 transition will officially take place on October 1. Read the CMS/AMA announcement for more details.

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Top Education and Career Growth News:

Surviving MI Webinar
Join hospital leadership and quality experts Tuesday, July 21 at 1 p.m. ET for a Surviving MI webinar entitled “How to Engage Executive Leadership in Health Care Organizational Culture Change.” This webinar is designed to provide strategies for administrators and clinicians to create a culture of quality to improve patient outcomes. It will include a discussion on the importance of partnering with executive leadership in order to achieve a quality-driven culture and highlight how administrators and physician champions formed a statewide STEMI Network in Mississippi. The webinar will be moderated by Henry Ting, MD, MBA, FACC and feature presentations by Eric Stecker, MD FACC, Charles Kilo, MD, Dana Bjarnason, RN, MA, PhD, and Thad Waites, MD, FACC. There will also be a live Q&A session where participants can ask the experts questions. Register today!

The ACC’s Surviving MI initiative, part of Quality Improvement for Institutions, seeks to influence organizational culture change by increasing the adoption of evidence-based strategies associated with lower 30-day risk standardized mortality rates for patients hospitalized with acute myocardial infarction. Visit CVQuality.acc.org/SurvivingMI to learn more!

Register Now Open For 2015 ACC In-Training Exam (ACC-ITE)
Participation in this program has been tremendous — more than 93 percent of all U.S. cardiology training programs took the 2014 exam. The 2015 In-Training Exam will take place on Oct. 20 and 21, and will continue to give training programs the data they need to benchmark their program, meet ACGME requirements, validate the need for curricula changes and provide educational counseling to their fellows. To learn more and register, click here or contact Julie Bainbridge at 202-375-6633 or jbainbri@acc.org.

Find a Mentor, Be a Mentor: Register for ACC’s Mentoring Program
The College’s online mentoring program, developed through the efforts of the Early Career Professionals Leadership Council and Section, is designed to help create and foster mutually beneficial mentor/mentee relationships. The program connects experienced cardiovascular professionals with younger professionals based on areas of interest, specialty and expertise. Register online and find out more at ACC.org/Mentoring.

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JACC Leadership Page: EHR Hurdles and Opportunities Explored.
In a recent Leadership Page in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, ACC Board of Governors (BOG) Chair Robert A. Shor, MD, FACC, asks, “Is your electronic health record (EHR) working for you and your patients?” Earlier this year, the BOG launched into a discussion about EHR hurdles and opportunities for providers and patients in response to a New York Times opinion piece titled “Why Health Care Tech Is Still so Bad.” In the Leadership Page, Shor chronicles several governors’ EHR journeys, offering a glimpse into common issues providers are faced with. While there are numerous challenges, there was consensus that EHRs are here to stay. “We need a tool that we cannot live without,” said Shor. “Until then, there is work to be done and patients for whom we need to care, whether we do so on paper or screen.” Shor also took to the ACC in Touch Blog to continue the discussion on EHRs and delve into topics such as data blocking and interoperability. Is your EHR working for you and your patients? Weigh in on the ACC in Touch Blog.

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Is Your ACC Member Profile Up-To-Date?
The ACC wants to make sure it's sending members only the most relevant information. To that end, the College is encouraging all members to update their ACC profile, including contact information, specialty areas, clinical interest areas and practice information. Don’t miss out on the latest cardiovascular research, new clinical guidelines, advocacy updates, ACC news and member benefits. Update your profile online at ACC.org/MyProfile.

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Important Digital ACC Resources:

Stay In Touch with the ACC via Social Media
Stay in touch with the ACC and the latest clinical and advocacy news through ACC in Touch. ACCinTouch connects ACC members and those interested in cardiovascular news through popular social networking channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Join each of these networks to connect with ACC members and those interested in cardiology. In addition to the ACC's main Twitter profile @ACCinTouch, the College also has a profile dedicated to advocacy-related news (@Cardiology). CardioSmart, the ACC's patient education and support program, also has patient-centered cardiovascular news available through Facebook, Twitter ( @CardioSmart), and YouTube. For more information about ACC’s social media channels, visit ACC.org/ACCinTouch.

ACC Archived Webinars
Did you know that you can find archived webinars from throughout the years from the ACC on ACC.org? As a member, you have access to this wealth of information here. To access them, you must have an ACC.org log-in and use the confirmation code and webinar access link emailed to you once you. Questions? Contact ACC’s Resource Center at Phone: 202-375-6000, ext. 5603 or 800-253-4636, ext. 5603 or resource@acc.org.

Download ACC’s Advocacy Action Mobile App
Be sure to download the ACC Advocacy Action mobile app to get easy access to ACC's advocacy priorities and timely talking points to share during congressional visits. The app was designed to help members engage with lawmakers and influence health policy. Download it today on iTunes (iPhone, iPad) and Google Play (Android devices).

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